Zip Lock Bags

We have a large array of resealable plastic bags suitable for just about any purpose. Made from strong food grade low density polyethylene and they offer exceptional clarity and quality.

50um and 75um bags and various sizes also available.                               Minimum purchase is carton of 1,000

40um Natural

40 micron Natural LDPE


CodeDescriptionL x WPkt QtyCtn Qty
PB5903Resealable Bags 40um75mm x 125mm1001,000
PB5908Resealable Bags 40um90mm x 150mm1001,000
PB5902Resealable Bags 40um100mm x 125mm1001,000
PB5906Resealable Bags 40um100mm x 180mm1001,000
PB5900Resealable Bags 40um153mm x 230mm1001,000
PB5904Resealable Bags 40um205mm x 255mm1001,000
PB5901Resealable Bags 40um230mm x 305mm1001,000
PB5905Resealable Bags 40um280mm x 380mm1001,000
PB5907Resealable Bags 40um500mm x 75mm1001,000

50um Natural

Please contact us for our range of sizes.