• P1 protection for dusts, associated with sawing, sanding, stripping, routing and power planing timber, as well as grinding, drilling and cutting masonry concrete and bricks. Also effective when using cement and household insulation material.
  • P2 protection for more harmful substances ie silica, coal & lead dust, asbestos fibre, welding, soldering, zinc oxide fume,  bush fire.


CodeDescriptionPkt QtyCtn Qty
SARDUSTDust/Nuisance Mask50 pcs/box2000 pcs/ctn
SARP1P1 Mask20 pcs/box240 pcs/ctn
SARP1VP1 Mask with Valve10 pcs/box120 pcs/ctn
SARP2P2 Mask20 pcs/box240 pcs/ctn
SARP2VP2 Mask with Valve10 pcs/box120 pcs/ctn