Tubular netting is made from polyethylene. This extruded product is available in rolls for automatic packaging and in single heat seal bag for hand packaging an array of colours.

Knitted netting is also available. This product is suitable for packaging a diverse range of fruit and vegetables.

Polynet Reels


CodeDescriptionL x WColourPkt QtyCtn Qty
PNRBPolynet Reels 44cm1,000 mBlue11
PNRGPolynet Reels 44cm1,000 mGreen11
PNRPPolynet Reels 44cm1,000 mPurple11
PNRRPolynet Reels 44cm1,000 mRed11
PNRYPolynet Reels 44cm1,000 mYellow11

Net Bags


CodeDescriptionL x WColourPkt QtyCtn Qty
38BHSBBunched Heat Sealed Net Bags38cmBlue1001000
38BHSGBunched Heat Sealed Net Bags38cmGreen1001,000
38BHSRBunched Heat Sealed Net Bags38cmRed1001,000
38BHSYBunched Heat Sealed Net Bags38cmYellow1001,000
43BHSBBunched Heat Sealed Net Bags43cmBlue1001,000
43BHSGBunched Heat Sealed Net Bags43cmGreen1001,000
43BHSRBunched Heat Sealed Net Bags43cmRed1001,000
43BHSYBunched Heat Sealed Net Bags43cmYellow1001,000
50BHSBBunched Heat Sealed Net Bags50cmBlue1001,000
50BHSGBunched Heat Sealed Net Bags50cmGreen1001,000
50BHSRBunched Heat Sealed Net Bags50cmRed1001,000
50BHSYBunched Heat Sealed Net Bags50cmYellow1001,000
ON503 kg Polynet Orange Bags57cmRed100500