LD Poly Bags

Low density polyethylene bags are the most commonly used bags of the plastic bag industry. 

Their usage can vary from packaging nuts and bolts to bulk grain storage. 

Choose from our wide range of sizes and thicknesses.

Custom size and thickness also available.

25 Micron LDPE


CodeDescriptionL x WPkt QtyCtn Qty
PB2000Natural LDPE Bag 25um150 x 1001002,000
PB2001Natural LDPE Bag 25um230 x 1501001,000
PB2002Natural LDPE Bag 25um255 x 2051001,000
PB2003Natural LDPE Bag 25um305 x 2051001,000
PB2004Natural LDPE Bag 25um305 x 2551001,000
PB2005Natural LDPE Bag 25um330 x 2301001,000
PB2006Natural LDPE Bag 25um380 x 2301001,000
PB2007Natural LDPE Bag 25um380 x 2551001,000
PB2008Natural LDPE Bag 25um405 x 3051001,000
PB2009Natural LDPE Bag 25um430 x 2551001,000
PB2010Natural LDPE Bag 25um455 x 2551001,000
PB2011Natural LDPE Bag 25um455 x 3051001,000

35 Micron LDPE


CodeDescriptionL x WPkt QtyCtn Qty
PB2012Natural LDPE Bag 35um 230 x 1251001,000
PB2013Natural LDPE Bag 35um 230 x 1501001,000
PB2014Natural LDPE Bag 35um 230 x 1801001,000
PB2015Natural LDPE Bag 35um 255 x 2051001,000
PB2016Natural LDPE Bag 35um 305 x 1501001,000
PB2017Natural LDPE Bag 35um305 x 1801001,000
PB2018Natural LDPE Bag 35um305 x 2051001,000
PB2019Natural LDPE Bag 35um305 x 2551001,000
PB2020Natural LDPE Bag 35um330 x 2051001,000
PB2021Natural LDPE Bag 35um330 x 2301001,000
PB2022Natural LDPE Bag 35um355 x 1801001,000
PB2023Natural LDPE Bag 35um355 x 2551001,000
PB2024Natural LDPE Bag 35um380 x 2051001,000
PB2025Natural LDPE Bag 35um380 x 2301001,000
PB2026Natural LDPE Bag 35um380 x 2551001,000
PB2027Natural LDPE Bag 35um405 x 2301001,000
PB2028Natural LDPE Bag 35um405 x 2551001,000
PB2029Natural LDPE Bag 35um405 x 3051001,000
PB2030Natural LDPE Bag 35um430 x 2551001,000
PB2031Natural LDPE Bag 35um455 x 2551001,000
PB2032Natural LDPE Bag 35um455 x 3051001,000
PB2033Natural LDPE Bag 35um510 x 2551001,000
PB2034Natural LDPE Bag 35um510 x 3051001,000
PB2035Natural LDPE Bag 35um510 x 3551001,000
PB2036Natural LDPE Bag 35um560 x 2051001,000
PB2037Natural LDPE Bag 35um610 x 3051001,000
PB2038Natural LDPE Bag 35um610 x 455100500
PB2039Natural LDPE Bag 35um660 x 405100500
PB2040Natural LDPE Bag 35um760 x 455100500
PB2041Natural LDPE Bag 35um760 x 510100500
PB2042Natural LDPE Bag 35um915 x 510100500
PB2043Natural LDPE Bag 35um915 x 68550500

50 Micron LDPE


CodeDescriptionL x WPkt QtyCtn Qty
PB2044Natural LDPE Bag 50um 280 x 1801001,000
PB2045Natural LDPE Bag 50um305 x 2051001,000
PB2046Natural LDPE Bag 50um305 x 2551001,000
PB2047Natural LDPE Bag 50um330 x 1801001,000
PB2048Natural LDPE Bag 50um330 x 2301001,000
PB2049Natural LDPE Bag 50um355 x 2551001,000
PB2050Natural LDPE Bag 50um380 x 2301001,000
PB2051Natural LDPE Bag 50um405 x 2301001,000
PB2052Natural LDPE Bag 50um405 x 2551001,000
PB2053Natural LDPE Bag 50um405 x 3051001,000
PB2054Natural LDPE Bag 50um455 x 3051001,000
PB2055Natural LDPE Bag 50um510 x 3051001,000
PB2056Natural LDPE Bag 50um510 x 3551001,000
PB2057Natural LDPE Bag 50um610 x 305100500
PB2058Natural LDPE Bag 50um610 x 355100500
PB2059Natural LDPE Bag 50um610 x 455100500
PB2060Natural LDPE Bag 50um635 x 405100500
PB2061Natural LDPE Bag 50um760 x 380100500
PB2062Natural LDPE Bag 50um915 x 455100500
PB2063Natural LDPE Bag 50um915 x 610100300
PB2064Natural LDPE Bag 50um915 x 710100300

75 Micron LDPE


CodeDescriptionL x WPkt QtyCtn Qty
PB2065Natural LDPE Bag 75um 230 x 1501001,000
PB2066Natural LDPE Bag 75um305 x 2051001,000
PB2067Natural LDPE Bag 75um330 x 1801001,000
PB2068Natural LDPE Bag 75um380 x 2551001,000
PB2069Natural LDPE Bag 75um455 x 3051001,000
PB2070Natural LDPE Bag 75um510 x 305100500
PB2071Natural LDPE Bag 75um560 x 305100500
PB2072Natural LDPE Bag 75um610 x 355100500
PB2073Natural LDPE Bag 75um710 x 455100300
PB2074Natural LDPE Bag 75um865 x 430100300

100 Micron LDPE


CodeDescriptionL x WPkt QtyCtn Qty
PB2075Natural LDPE Bag 100um 205 x 1251001,000
PB2076Natural LDPE Bag 100um230 x 1501001,000
PB2077Natural LDPE Bag 100um305 x 2051001,000
PB2078Natural LDPE Bag 100um380 x 2551001,000
PB2079Natural LDPE Bag 100um455 x 30550500
PB2080Natural LDPE Bag 100um610 x 38050400
PB2081Natural LDPE Bag 100um810 x 45550200
PB2082Natural LDPE Bag 100um915 x 54050200
PB2083Natural LDPE Bag 100um915 x 61050200