Lashing & Twine

Multi End Lashing

Multi End Cops are the ideal way in which to cut and obtain 25 lengths of twine economically.

Used for pallet tying, meat hanging and general tying securely.

Custom strength, colour and coil length available on request.


LL13000Lashing 1 Ply 3000 Tex 25 Ends250m
LL16000Lashing 1 Ply 6000 Tex 25 Ends135m
LL24500Lashing 2 Ply 4500 Tex 25 Ends 135m
LL39000Lashing 3 Ply 9000 Tex 25 Ends90m

Cut & Tied Lashing

Cut lengths used in both the meat and warehouse industries.

Lashing can be cut to your required length or cut and tied as required.

Custom lengths available upon request.


LC15000.90Lashing 1 Ply 5000 Cut0.9m
LC190001.1Lashing 1 Ply 9000 Cut1.1m
LC190002.25Lashing 1 Ply 9000 Cut2.25m
LC390001.50Lashing 3 Ply 9000 Cut1.5m
LC390002.25Lashing 3 Ply 9000 Cut2.25m
LCT130001.2Lashing 1 Ply 3000 Cut & Tied1.2m
LCT390001.4Lashing 3 Ply 9000 Cut & Tied1.4m

Baling Twine


LT2000WPP Baler Twine 2000 Tex 2000mWhite
LT3000WPP Baler Twine 3000 Tex 1000mWhite
LT6000WPP Baler Twine 6000 Tex  1200mWhite
LT7000OPP Baler Twine 7000 Tex 1300mOrange
LT8200YPP Baler Twine 8200 Tex1100mYellow

Banana Twine

UV Stabilized.

Diverse Colours.

Banana Twine is used to help stabilize banana trees.


Greenhouse Twine

UV Stabilized.

Diverse Colours. 

Suitable for Tomato, Cucumber, Musk Melon.