HD Freezer Bags

Made from high quality virgin high density polyethylene this range comes in a variety of sizes.

They are presented in a dispenser pack giving you ease of access while on the counter top of any shop.


CodeDescriptionL x WPkt QtyCtn Qty
PB7500Produce Roll 1.8kg450 x 250 + 1001.8 kg roll6 Rolls
PB7520HDPE Natural Bag230 x 1501,00010,000
PB7521HDPE Natural Bag250 x 2001,00010,000
PB7522HDPE Natural Bag300 x 2501,00010,000
PB7523HDPE Natural Bag375 x 3001,00010,000
PB7524HDPE Natural Bag400 x 2501,00010,000
PB7525HDPE Natural Bag400 x 3001,00010,000
PB7526HDPE Natural Bag450 x 3001,00010,000
PB7527HDPE Natural Bag Heavy Duty375 x 3005005,000
PB7528HDPE Natural Bag Heavy Duty450 x 3005005,000
PB7529HDPE Natural Bag Heavy Duty600 x 4505002,000
PB7530HDPE Natural Bag Heavy Duty970 x 5605001,000