Food Films

Fruit and Vegetable Film

Premium grades of fruiters film comes edged trimmed ready for your wrapping machine. 

This product will help preserve the life of all pre-cut fruit and vegetables. 

Superior strength, stretch and clarity.


CodeDescriptionL x WCtn Qty
FF40400mm Fruit & Vegetable Film1,300m x 400mm2
FF45450mm Fruit & Vegetable Film1,300m x 450mm2

Meat Film

Champagne in colour and available in a range of sizes and grades.

This professional product can be used from the packing house to the local butcher shop.

Ideal for point-of-sale presentation or simply covering trays of pre-cut meats.


CodeDescriptionL x WCtn Qty
MF45G450mm General Purpose Meat Film450mm x 1,300m2
MF45H450mm Heavy Duty Meat Film450mm x 1,300m2
MF50G500mm General Purpose Meat Film500mm x 1,300m2
MF50H500mm Heavy Duty Meat Film500mm x 1,300m2