Carry Bags

Singlet Bags

Highly reliable shopping bags, made from the finest high density polyethylene.

We offer a large range of colours, sizes and strengths to satisfy all your checkout requirements. 


CodeDescriptionL x WFilm ColourPkt QtyCtn Qty
PB7601Small400 x 200 + 100White2505,000
PB7602Medium500 x 250 + 120White2503,000
PB7603Large540 x 300 + 160White2502,000
PB7604Small400 x 200 + 100Blue2505,000
PB7605Medium500 x 250 + 120Blue2503,000

EPI Degradable Singlet Bags

100% Degradable Singlet Carry Bags. Ideal for all your point-of-sale needs.


CodeDescriptionL x WFilm ColourPkt QtyCtn Qty
PB7606Small Singlet Bag Printed EPI logo400 x 200 + 100White2505,000
PB7607Medium Singlet Bag Printed EPI logo500 x 250 + 120White2503,000
PB7608Large Singlet Bag Printed EPI logo540 x 300 + 160White2502,000

Kraft Paper Bags

A comprehensive range of environmentally friendly paper carry bags with SOS blocked bottoms.

Ideal for all retail point-of-sale packaging.


CodeDescriptionL x WColourPkt QtyCtn Qty
PPBKT265Baby Twisted Handle265 x 160 + 70Brown50500
PPBKT350Small Twisted Handle350 x 260 + 110Brown50250
PPBKT400Boutique Twisted Handle400 x 450 + 150Brown50250
PPBKT420Midi Twisted Handle420 x 320 + 110Brown50250
PPBKT480Medium Twisted Handle480 x 340 + 110Brown50250
PPBKT500Large Twisted Handle500 x 450 + 160Brown50250
PPWKT265Baby Twisted Handle265 x 160 + 70White50500
PPWKT305Extra Small Twisted Handle305 x 220 + 90White50250
PPWKT350Small Twisted Handle350 x 260 + 110White50250
PPWKT420Midi Twisted Handle420 x 320 + 110White50250
PPWKT480Medium Twisted Handle480 x 340 + 110White50250