Bin Liners

Quality Heavy Duty Garbage Bags for all industries.

Kitchen Tidy

Strong HDPE liners available on coreless perforated rolls and in flat packs. 

Ideal for small waste bin and swing / pedal bin applications in offices, kitchens, schools and hotel rooms.


CodeDescriptionL x WFilm ColourPkt QtyCtn Qty
BL0181Bin Liner Small - 18 Litre Coreless Roll450 x 540White501000
BL0271Bin Liner Medium - 27 Litre Coreless Roll510 x 610White501000
BLD095Bin Liner Medium - 27 Litre Extra Heavy Duty 20um510 x 650White100500
BL0361Bin Liner Large - 36 Litre Coreless Roll590 x 790White501000
BLD092Bin Liner - 54 Litre620 x 830White50500

LDPE Heavy Duty

Strong LDPE garbage bin liners suitable for all 54 litre – 240 litre garbage bins.

Ideal for mid to heavy-weight applications in food processing, restaurants, clubs, hotels and councils.


CodeDescriptionL x WFilm ColourPkt QtyCtn Qty
BL0721Bin Liner 73 Ltr All Purpose920 x 760Black50250
BL0722Bin Liner 73 Litre Heavy Duty920 x 760Black50250
BL0723Bin Liner 73 Litre Extra Heavy Duty920 x 760Black25250
BL0801Bin Liner 82 Litre Heavy Duty – Individually Dispensed950 x 810Black25250
BL1201Bin Liner 120 Ltr All Purpose 1100 x 950Black25100
BL1202Bin Liner 120 Litre Heavy Duty1100 x 950Black25100
BL2402Bin Liner 240 Ltr All Purpose 1450 x 1140Black25100
BL2401Bin Liner 240 Ltr Heavy Duty 1450 x 1140Black25100
BL2403Bin Liner 240 Ltr Extra heavy Duty on Roll1450 x 1140Black100100
BL00555NBin Liner Super Heavy Duty 50um Medical Bin Liner750 x 1000Natural50200


100% Degradable Bin Liners. Ideal for all point-of-sale and bin liner applications. This bin liner is perfect for shopping centres, schools, offices, councils, kitchens, clubs, and hotels.


CodeDescriptionL x WFilm ColourPkt QtyCtn Qty
BL018DSmall 18 Litre Coreless Roll540 x 450White501,000
BL027DMedium 27 Litre Coreless Roll650 x 510White501,000
BL036DLarge 36 Litre Coreless Roll700 x 590White501,000
BL073D73 Litre - Easy Dispense920 x 760White25250
BL120D120 Litre - Easy Dispense1100 x 950White25100
BL240D240 Litre - Easy Dispense1450 x 1150White25100