Disposable Aprons


Disposable Aprons perforated for easy dispensing.                                      Click here for Disposable Apron Flyer

Hang on Wall Bracket with fixed header card to prevent off cuts.                             


CodeDescriptionL x WMicron (Thickness)ColourCtn Qty
DA1200BDisposable Apron960 x 120026um Standard ShortBlue500
DA1450BDisposable Apron960 x 145026um StandardBlue500
DA1450WDisposable Apron960 x 145026um StandardWhite500
DA1550BDisposable Apron960 x 155026um Standard LongBlue500
DA1550WDisposable Apron960 x 155026um Standard LongWhite500
DA155021BDisposable Apron860 x 155021um Lighter WeightBlue500
DA155021WDisposable Apron860 x 155021um Lighter WeightWhite500
DA150035BDisposable Apron960 x 150035um Heavy DutyBlue500
DA150035WDisposable Apron960 x 155035um Heavy DutyWhite500
DA1550WXLDisposable Apron1220 x 155035um Heavy Duty XLWhite250

Polytuff Aprons

Premium Food Grade Apron made from TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) which provides resistance to oil and fats.

Also available in ladies size 660mm x 900mm


CodeDescriptionL x WColourPkt Qty
CA210BKTPU Apron with Cord & Hook90 x 120Black5
CA210BLTPU Apron with Cord & Hook90 x 120Blue5
CA210GRTPU Apron with Cord & Hook90 x 120Green5
CA210RDTPU Apron with Cord & Hook90 x 120Red5
CA210WHTPU Apron with Cord & Hook90 x 120White5
CA210YETPU Apron with Cord & Hook90 x 120Yellow5

Butchers Aprons


CodeDescriptionL x WColourCtn Qty
CA310BWApron Nylon - Blue with White stripes90cm x 120cmBlue/White5
CA510BWButchers Denim Bib Apron78cm x 98cmBlue/White5
CA510LBWButchers Denim Lap Apron78cm x 98cmBlue/White5